To begin the Short Sale process with our office, please fill out the Short Sale Submission Form.  Please click on the link below to open the pdf form.

Short Sale Form

Please fill out the information requested on the form and mention any questions or concerns that you have.  After you have completed the form, please email the form to  After we receive the information we will run a title search within 72 business hours and let you and your Realtor know the status of the title so that we can address any title issue / lien obstacles. Also by beginning the application now,  we can get all documentation together before the offer comes in – this cuts down on the time it takes to process the short sale approval dramatically. It also alleviates the time-crunch situations when we cannot submit the short sale because we do not have all of the documentation.

PLEASE NOTE: Many banks are offering incentives for short sale participation. Some banks are offering up to $30,000 to Sellers who participate in cooperative short sale programs. Such programs require your application for a short sale prior to receiving an offer on your home. (See Bank of America’s Foreclosure Help & Alternatives page as an example). By starting the process with us early we will review your bank’s incentive program(s) and start th eprocess correctly. If you want to take advantage of $3,000 to $30,000 in incentives start the process early!