We believe that diligence is the key to the successful formation and operation of a business entity as well as to the prevention of litigation, particularly when there are several individuals involved.

Trust and communication between attorney and client is key because it is only when a corporate or business client is fully prepared and briefed that they are best suited to successfully obtain their objectives.

This is especially true if the client has limited budgetary resources to achieve its goals.

At Peskin, Courchesne & Allen, our lawyers guide businesses through all phases of corporate and business transactions, including:

Formation of –

  • Corporations of all types including, Sub S, C, Nonprofit and Professional
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Limited Partnerships
  • General Partnerships

We also offer the following services to business clients:

  • Dissolution or “corporate divorces”
  • Buy, sell and redemption agreements
  • Non-competition agreements, including litigation to enforce
  • Negotiation of credit transactions
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Trademarks
  • Contract drafting and negotiation
  • Corporate litigation-including shareholder’s suits and directors’ liability.

Our office can help you determine the best formation for your needs.  We can help you distribute the ownership in your business through the creation of common and/or preferred shares.  With preferred shares, you will be able to delegate dividends to a select few.

The attorneys at Peskin, Courchesne & Allen, P.C. can draft Articles of Incorporation and individualized By-laws.  We will make sure that our clients’ interests are protected. If a client is a well established corporation, Attorney Judd Peskin has experience in modifying corporate by-laws and re-structuring boards of directors and shareholder agreements.

The lawyers at Peskin, Courchesne & Allen help our clients protect the capital in their business, avoid hostile takeovers, merge with other businesses, acquire other businesses and protect the officers, directors and shareholders in corporations of different sizes.

In the event that an officer or director does not act in your business’ best interest, we know the law concerning an officer or director’s fiduciary duties in Massachusetts.  We will thoroughly investigate and research any claims against an officer or director. Our attorneys will pour over a corporation’s business records and accountings to determine if there has been any illegal activity.  We will determine if discovery through depositions, interrogatories and document requests are necessary and we will guide our clients to respond to any discovery requests.  If an expert witness is necessary our lawyers will work with our clients to find the best experts for each situation.  When our investigation of a corporation is complete, we meet with our clients to discuss whether it would be in their best interest to settle the case outside of court or continue to trial. If we believe that a case is best suited for trial before a judge and jury, we will thoroughly prepare and zealously argue your case.

To discuss a business-related matter, please contact Attorney Judd L. Peskin via email or by telephone at 413-734-1002.