Sometimes there is an issue over whether you’ve been injured on the job.  This issue often  comes up if you’re not actually at your workplace premises when the injury happens.  If you’re injured while you’re on the clock for your employer and you’re not on the regular workplace premises, the injury could still be work related.  If you’ve parked your car in the parking lot and are in route from your car to your place of employment, or the opposite, in route from your place of employment back to your car, you’re covered under the “going and coming” rule and that would also be a workplace injury. People who have hurt themselves in elevators on the way to offices have been injured on the job, people who slipped and fell on the ice on the sidewalk in front of their business establishment have been injured on the job, and people involved in car accidents while engaged in company business have been injured on the job.  On the other hand, if you’re commuting to work and you’re in an accident on your way to work but you haven’t parked your car and you haven’t actually walked toward the premises, then you’re on your own because it’s not a workplace injury.