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An person who is bitten and attacked by a dog may suffer from more than just physical pain and scarring.  Dog attacks often lead to emotional and financial hardship.  A dog bite may require significant medical care and the medical bills can quickly add up.

Under Massachusetts Statute Chapter 140, Section 155, owners or keepers of dogs are liable for any damage to the body or property of any person if certain conditions are met.  The conditions necessary to prove liability are less strict if the person injured is a child under seven years old.

If you have been bitten or attacked by a dog, your life may be forever changed.  It can be difficult to protect your legal interests when you or a loved one is trying to physically recover.   That’s where the lawyers and staff at Peskin, Courchesne & Allen come in.

At Peskin, Courchesne & Allen, we will help victims recover the damages they suffered from a dog bite attack.   It is very important to quickly determine the facts involved in each case, including where and how the attack happened.  We will thoroughly investigate the facts involved in your case and determine who may be liable for the dog bite attack and whether the owner of the dangerous dog has insurance coverage to pay for any of the victim’s damages.

When our investigation is complete, we meet with our clients to discuss whether it would be in their best interest to settle the case outside of court or continue to trial.  We have significant experience negotiating with insurance companies over dog-bite liability and will negotiate for full settlement and compensation.  If we believe that your personal injury case is best suited for trial before a judge and jury, we will thoroughly prepare and zealously argue your case.  We will fight to protect your interests and have experience representing clients who have suffered devastating personal injuries.

If you have been the victim of a dog bite attack, please contact Attorney Judd L. Peskin via email or by telephone at 413-734-1002.